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Architectural Tunnel Lighting is optimized for tunnels and underpasses and is designed to meet varying light level requirements for tunnel entrances and interiors. LED Architectural Tunnel Lighting gives tunnel operators an alternative that is increasingly appealing from both the public and operational perspectives. Traditional HPS and MH luminaires use a substantial amount of energy, typically deliver low quality of light, fail to provide uniform and consistent lighting through the tunnel, and suffer from catastrophic failures that require costly maintenance programs to remedy.

Architectural tunnel lighting fixtures achieve roadway efficiency and safety by optimized photometric providing maximum visibility and minimum glare. In addition, the long life of LEDs dramatically reduces maintenance and service costs, poor lighting due to outages, and disruptions to traffic flow due to closures for maintenance.

For tunnel lighting, the benefits of LED-based lighting systems are compelling:
• improved energy efficiency
• superior quality of light
• uniform lighting
• lower maintenance costs and traffic disruptions
• lower total cost of ownership 

Architectural Tunnel Lighting

Architectural Tunnel Lighting

Architectural Tunnel Lighting – B series

excellent optics; rugged design; For tunnel lighting and underpass applications, optimized photometrics achieving maximum visibility and minimum glare; Prices start at $

Architectural Tunnel Lighting

Architectural Tunnel Lighting  Temporary Work Lamps

LED linkable string lights are designed for long-distance, high-lumen output; Ideal for tunnel, maintenance, underground, warehouse lighting, etc; single standard lamp is 20W; Available in 5 lamp (52ft) and 10 lamp (102ft) strings. Prices start at $



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